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Policy Committee

Committee Chair

Dr. Vanessa White

To inquire about opportunities to join this committee, contact info@cincinnatinaacp.com

Policy & Oversight Committee Charter

The Policy & Oversight Committee advocates for and influences local and state public policies that advance the mission of the NAACP and the Cincinnati Branch.

We do that, we carefully evaluate issues in alignment with Cincinnati NAACP’s mission and goals to determine if/when it’s appropriate to take action. From there, we establish the legislative priorities for Cincinnati NAACP to address.

Our priorities include reviewing legislative and public policy issues at the local, county, and state levels to ensure that they are removing barriers to racial and social injustice. We work to increase public and political awareness of policy issues related to racial and social injustice, and we recommend and advocate for policies that address systemic change for those experiencing racial and social injustice.

We also monitor legislation and agencies that receive public funding as it relates to justice in educational systems, civil rights, employment, healthcare, etc. to ensure that systems and legislative bodies maintain compliance & improve the conditions of our community members. We are vigilant about informing political leaders when they are not adhering to just and equitable policies.

Who Should Join: NAACP members who have an interest in promoting sound public policy

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