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Cincinnati NAACP stands in solidarity with Baton Rouge

Cincinnati NAACP stands in solidarity with Baton Rouge CINCINNATI — The Cincinnati Branch of the NAACP said Thursday that they stand in solidarity with Baton Rouge against the “reckless actions” of the officers involved in the shooting of Alton Sterling. Sterling, 37, was shot multiple times while being held down by police outside a convenience store on Tuesday. RELATED: Community on edge after Louisiana police shooting caught on video Robert Richardson,… Read More »Cincinnati NAACP stands in solidarity with Baton Rouge

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We rise by lifting others

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NAACP: ‘Cincinnati Enquirer’ should be ashamed

NAACP: ‘Cincinnati Enquirer’ should be ashamed Oct. 23 edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer with typical markings by the public library.Should a dustup with the taxman over a few hundred dollars land a candidate on the front page of the daily paper? How about six African American candidates? The Cincinnati branch of the NAACP last night slammed The Cincinnati Enquirer for a story the daily ran Oct. 23 about tax woes of nine Democratic Cincinnati… Read More »NAACP: ‘Cincinnati Enquirer’ should be ashamed