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Membership is the lifeblood of the NAACP. We depend on our members generosity to ensure the NAACP mission and vision is carried out. We depend on members to keep the flames of freedom burning bright. We Need You!  We invite you to join our efforts by becoming an active member.  For a more vibrant and visible NAACP branch, your thoughts and ideas are welcomed.

Why become a member of the NAACP?
  • Membership in the NAACP means joining the leading civil rights organization in the nation. By members lending their names and their energy to the NAACP, they stand at the forefront of change. We want you to become part of a legacy that is dedicated to social justice and equality for all people.
  • When you become a member of the NAACP, you are doing more than joining an organization; you are becoming a part of a community. Our membership community is the reason we’ve been able to advocate, protect, defend, and fight for our civil and human rights for over a century. If you care about fighting the racial disparities that are still prevalent in America, the NAACP is the place where you can make a difference.
Becoming a Member is Easy

Become an active member today!  You can now choose to join and renew your membership every year or you can become a lifetime member with annual payment installments. 

Renew or Upgrade Membership

Thank you for your interest in renewing your NAACP membership! Check out our options for NAACP lifetime and annual membership renewal, and select the one that works best for you. Nearly all of our membership options are available as one-time payments, or as “subscribing” payments over time.