Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technology, and Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO) Committee

Committee Chair

Susan Johnson

“It’s an honor to have a hand in inspiring and facilitating the development of tomorrow’s leaders. Our kids deserve both the help and the recognition, and this is the committee that makes it happen.”

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Working on the ACT-SO Committee

Meetings: We meet on the first Monday of each at 4:30pm by Zoom

Estimated Time Commitment: 2-3 hours per month

Who We’re Looking For: Passion for mentoring and coaching youth. Acumen for arts and culture, math and science fields, agriculture, and more.

Activities: ACT-SO community members may volunteer as chairpersons, mentors, sponsors, organizers, or educational partners. Schools, local businesses, community organizations, churches, foundations, and major corporations provide critical support to the program.

Benefits of Working with Us: Play a key role in helping our children develop the confidence and Who We’re Looking For to excel in school and in life.

Impact Story:

Last year seven children placed in the local competition making them eligible to compete at the national level. One of our participants received a bronze medal in sculpture in the 2021 competition!!

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