We Got You

There are many ways Cincinnati NAACP can help individuals and groups across our community, from basic information and insights to connections and in-depth direct assistance.

No matter what level of help you seek, Cincinnati NAACP wants to make sure that folks across the Black community know we are here for them. It can be as simple as figuring out what questions to ask or where to turn next. It can be as complex as lodging a formal complaint or even filing a lawsuit. When the system is failing you, we’ve got your back.

Formal Complaints

We have a longstanding process for filing and responding to complaints on behalf of community members who experience systemic bias, inequity, and racism. We address issues like social or criminal injustice, racial bias or discrimination, economic or educational inequities, and the like. If you’re experiencing harm, lack of access, or unfair treatment of any kind, we want to hear from you.

Connecting to Resources

There’s a lot we can help with, but often it takes a broader community. When your needs fall outside of our scope of service we are happy to connect you with other organizations in and beyond Cincinnati that can further meet your needs. Local agencies we frequently meet in the marketplace include those focused on healthcare, shelter, housing, and human services.

Sharing Information

Between all we do and all we have done, we have a lot to share. It might be deeper information about current initiatives, insights about how to influence change, success stories, member spotlights, or even important stories from our past. Sometimes we might share stories from our national organization too. Register to receive email updates, and keep an eye on our “Get in the Know” blog to stay up to date.