Famous ACT-SO Alumni

Famous National And International ACT-SO Alumni

Since ACT-SO’s inception, more than 300,000 students have benefited from the program. Take a look at a few of ACT-SO’s national alumni stars.

Anthony Anderson

Gold Medalist, Drama

John Singleton

Filmmaker Contestant

Michael Beach

Gold Medalist, Drama

Kanye West

Rapper Contestant

Jada Pinkett-Smith

Actress Contestant

Roy Hargrove

Jazz Musician
Gold Medalist, Classical Music

Ericka Dunlap

2004 Miss America
Music Vocal Contemporary Contestant

Mike Phillips

Jazz Musician– ACT-SO
(1998 & 1999)

Marlon Daniel

American Conductor
National ACT-SO winner
(1985 & 1986)

Ronald Demon

Scientist & Inventor
ACT-SO National Gold Medal in Physics/Electronics