Action Center

People join the fight in many different ways depending on their own situations and passions. Some have more money and less time while it’s the reverse for many. In other cases, passion overrides everything else, and they find a way to participate despite financial and time constraints.

And many find opportunities to contribute through their place of work, as we have many corporate members supporting us in very important ways across the organization. Finally, there are other companies and organizations that demonstrate alignment with NAACP values by supporting our Cincinnati branch financially.

Whatever your situation, we want to meet you where you are and make it as easy as possible for you to take action and make your impact. Here are the primary ways to get involved:

ACTION ALERT: Have you been removed from the voter list?

What’s your voting plan?

Are you registered to vote? Do you know your options for voting and how to use them? Do you have what you need to vote? When is the next election?

Join as an Individual

When you join Cincinnati NAACP, you gain a community of advocates and activists dedicated to social justice and equality for all people. We Need You!

Partner as an Organization

Does our mission align with your corporate values? You can give your employees the gift of membership through a corporate partnership.

Participate on a Committee

Join us in the fight. The work of the Branch is accomplished through our Standing Committees made up of dedicated members.

Join a Youth Program

There are many ways for our youth and collegiate members to get involved through activism and through our extensive youth programming.

Sponsor our Events

We have events throughout the year, and the biggest is our Freedom Fund Dinner each autumn. Sponsorship makes all the difference.

Donate to Fund the Fight

We depend on our members’ generosity to ensure the Cincinnati NAACP mission and vision are carried out. Give and we’ll pay it back in progress.