What does it mean to volunteer with Cincinnati NAACP? That depends on YOU! What are you most passionate about? How much time do you have to devote to the fight for change, safety, prosperity, equality, and justice for all? What talents do you want to apply to that fight? What legacy do you want to leave? Below is a summary of the primary ways you can take action as a volunteer.

Standing Committee Involvement

More often than not, volunteering means getting involved on one of our Standing Committees or even leading one eventually. Our committees cover:

  • Multiple constituencies, like youth, women, and veterans.
  • All of our issues, including subcategories like health, housing, labor, and more.
  • Events from marches to get out the vote campaigns to our Freedom Fund Dinner.
  • Activities in support of the mission, like communications, political action, and religions affairs.

Going Deep on the Issues

It can also mean taking action on specific issues by joining a march or other forms of activism in and around our community. We focus on five primary sets of issues, each as important as the next. They include:

Youth and College Program Volunteers

Our Youth and College Division is vital and active. In particular, we offer a comprehensive program called ACT-SO (Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technology, and Scientific Olympics). Often referred to as the “Olympics of the Mind,” ACT-SO promotes positive self-esteem and interaction as well as academic and artistic excellence and achievement among high school students. There are many ways to take action in support of ACT-SO, including:

  • Mentorship
  • Recruitment, Outreach, Enrichment & Development
  • Competition Support (Facilitation, Monitoring, Judging)