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The Issue: Unequal Access to Affordable Housing & Healthcare

In many ways, tackling racial inequities starts at home with the basic human needs of housing and health. Affordable housing is a priority, including the impact of housing segregation and discrimination, and equal protection and enforcement of fair housing under the law. NAACP President & CEO Derrick Johnson put it simply, “One’s Zipcode should not determine their life’s future.”

Similarly, good health and well-being are basic human rights we must fight to attain and protect. For people of color, race, income, and geography are longstanding predictors of health outcomes. Historic inequities persist in public and private health systems. We’ve seen a collective unwillingness to ensure accessible, affordable, timely, and quality healthcare for all across the U.S., and here in Cincinnati. This has cost too many Black lives and unnecessarily compromised our health and economic security.


Strengthened Institutions for Fair Housing and Healthcare

We believe that building and sustaining a healthy community comes through social justice. We challenge the way systems that promote inequities are designed and continually seek to strengthen institutions that align with our mission.

Our voice and our actions call for structural social change. We advocate for the elimination of violence, the maintenance of public safety, the alleviation of poverty, the promotion of environmental justice and sustainability, and the reduction of inequitable health outcomes and access to educational resources that lead to student success.

We support the policy recommendations around Health and Housing, including:


  • Affordable Low-Income Housing
  • Eviction Moratorium
  • Eviction Diversification
  • Rental and Utility Assistance
  • Prevent Discriminatory Evictions and Unlawful Landlord Actions

For more details on these policy recommendations, please visit the Housing Toolkit page on the National NAACP site.

Health Care

  • HealthEquity
  • Vaccine Education & Distribution
  • Health Care for All
  • Expanded Medicaid and Medicare
  • Lower Cost of Prescription Drugs

For more details on these policy recommendations, please visit the Health & Wellbeing page on the National NAACP site.

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