The Issues

Advancing the Civil Rights Movement

Together with the national organization, chapters throughout the state and our dedicated members, we’re tackling the issues that impact Black America. It’s our passion and the relentless focus of our work to advance the civil rights movement until we dismantle racism and achieve equality for all.

Our work includes civic engagement, systemically building racial equity, and supporting policies and institutions that prioritize the urgent needs of Black people, who are most impacted by race-based discrimination.

Through our committees and the work of our members, we continue to build Black political, social, and economic power while advocating for equitable justice, free education, voting rights, and health equality for all Americans.

Overarching Issues Addressed Through Our Committees

Cincinnati NAACP operates 17 Committees to tackle the deep challenges and opportunities across these 5 overarching issues shared across the civil rights movement.


Everyone has a right to fair housing, well-being, and good health, but not everyone has it. We are committed to ending racial health and housing inequities and other social disparities. We fight for equity across the social spectrum of critical services like health and housing. Our work on behalf of Black families has never been more urgent.


The cost of an unjust system is high. Discrimination, policing, prosecutions, and incarceration practices impact Black communities unfairly and disproportionately. Shaped by biased policing and unfair judicial precedents rooted in racial disparity and anti-Blackness, our criminal justice system requires reform. We fight for equality in public safety and criminal justice.


We fight for a sustainable path to the American dream for all. As it stands, Black people are systematically restricted from fully participating in the American economy. We must pursue economic equity to establish holistic racial equity, including the ability to contribute to the economy as consumers and workers, as well as business owners with equal access to resources. We share the belief of our national organization that existing policy is insufficient.


Our goal is to change mindsets and paradigms, advocating for the underrepresented, marginalized, and disadvantaged residents in our communities through robust change initiatives. As a trusted entity, we build authentic relationships with community influencers throughout Hamilton County through grassroots community engagement. The path to justice requires that we challenge local laws, statutes, and policies to ensure equal protection.


We fight for access to free high-quality public education for all. The weight of mostly poverty-driven inequity is collapsing our education systems and failing our children. Addressing systemic racism and poverty will help close the gaps. We advocate for equitable policies that allocate resources, set priorities, and establish education standards for education and workforce systems. Black students matter and working on their behalf has never been more urgent.