Education Issues

The Issue: Education Inequity

Inequities – mainly due to poverty – are crushing our education systems. Students experiencing economic hardships are shown to underperform relative to those with more wealth, and a whopping 71% of children experiencing poverty are children of color.

Every child deserves an opportunity to reach their full potential through access to equitable resources, great teaching, and a safe learning environment from grade school all the way through college. Black students matter, and working on their behalf has never been more urgent. We must address systemic racism and poverty as tangible barriers to learning and future achievement.

In addition to financial equity and access to high-quality education, an equitable, safe learning environment is key. Black students are more likely to be arrested than other students while at school — often with devastating effects on the child and their life trajectory. We know that police presence in schools doesn’t make schools safer, but it does increase the likelihood that Black students will enter and remain in the legal system. In 43 states and the District of Columbia,


Fighting for a Real Chance at a Fulfilling Education

We advocate for equitable local and state policies that establish education standards, allocate resources, and set priorities for education and workforce systems. There are three primary components to driving education equity:

Access to High-Quality Learning Experiences

Family and community resources and engagement encourage physical and mental health for the student’s overall well-being and allow for stronger academic development. We work to accelerate community-driven approaches to building stable, enriching public education systems and to expand access to high-quality learning experiences throughout the education continuum.

Expanded Racial Justice Policies and Interventions

Rather than extreme punishments or hallways staffed with police officers, we advocate for investments and strategies that build accountability to advance the success of children of color through culturally relevant, student-centered learning. We work to expand policies and interventions that equip families and communities to better support their kids’ needs in school.

Affordable College Costs

College costs should be affordable. We support students getting the skills development and education they need without adding undue financial burden. That’s why we believe that forgiving student loan debt and decreasing the overall cost of college is an economic imperative.

Getting the cost out of the way helps our kids grow up prepared to be successful on the job or in an academic environment.

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