Classes + Clubs

This is the intersection of passion, talent, and good old-fashioned hard work. Find what moves you, and learn more about it. Pick what you’re already good at and hone your skills. You’ll find inspiration, knowledge, challenges, exhilaration… maybe even a career and/or friends for life. Eventually, you’ll have the opportunity to compete in up to three of your selected categories. For now, find your place and go all in.

Performing Arts

Dance, Dramatics, Musical Instruments, Musical Voice, Oratory, Poetry (Performance)

Business Entrepreneurship

Owning, organizing, and managing your own business by providing a necessary product or service


Architecture, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth & Space, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Medicine & Health


Original Essay, Short Story, Playwriting, Poetry (Written), Music Composition

Culinary Arts

The creative practice of cooking as a cook or a chef (depending on the level of expertise)

Visual Arts

Drawing, Filmmaking, Painting, Photography, Sculpture