Communication, Press & Publicity Committee

Committee Chair

Susan Johnson

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“This committee is all about voice, representation, and access. It’s a big job and a bigger responsibility. We take it seriously and we have success to show for it.”

Committee Charter

We actively seek to place stories and thought leaders in the local media as well as in the NAACP magazine THE CRISIS about our branch, mission, goals, activities, people, and progress. In conjunction with that work, we monitor media and advertising performance and look for opportunities to elevate the conversation around our focus issues while counteracting derogatory or erroneous statements in the local news about Blacks and other minority groups.

In addition to our work on earned, we champion equity, equality, and representation of Black minority ownership, control of print and electronic media, and access to employment in the communications arts and sciences industries across all media formats. We track local businesses engaged in these industries and share research and data with the National Office, and work to ensure that all people have a meaningful right to choose from and have access to a variety of high-quality telecommunications goods and services at a reasonable cost.

Working on the Communications, Press & Publicity Committee

Meetings: We meet weekly or more as needed, usually during work hours (e.g. on a Monday or Tuesday 1:30-2:30 PM) via Zoom or conference call

Estimated Time Commitment: Approximately 2-3 hours per month (more if you opt to write the weekly article).

Who We’re Looking For: Persons with editing, writing & communications skills

Activities: Submissions of written articles about topics of interest for the Cincinnati Herald weekly column and postings for web page and social media

Benefits of Working with Us: An opportunity to contribute to being the voice of the organization.

Disclaimer: All article submissions and representations of the branch must be submitted through this committee and will be subject to the approval of the president. No individual committee member may present themselves as a spokesperson of the branch without one over one (meaning incident-specific) advanced, expressed designation by the president.

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