Criminal Justice Committee

Committee Chair

Tashima Nicole Taylor

To inquire about opportunities to join this committee, call the office at 513-281-1900.

“As a volunteer of my time and talents, it is important to me that I do everything possible to make life less challenging for the ones after me, just as the many black heroes and SHE-roes did before me to help us all ADVANCE in this society.”

TRUTH 2 POWER is the podcast that will give you information, inspiration, and motivation to be the change in your community. Because YOU ARE THE MOVEMENT!  Join President Joe Mallory and 1st Vice President, T. Nicole Taylor every other Wednesday at 1 p.m.

Working on the Criminal Justice Committee

Meetings: We meet once a month via Zoom

Estimated Time Commitment: Active members may be involved in any particular issues at least once a week.  Moderate activity once bi-weekly. Occasional Activity 3 to 6 times out of the year.

Who We’re Looking For: We are looking for people who want to combat racism and injustice.  We need people who are committed and will be relentless in achieving Equality and Justice.  We want people who are not afraid to be a voice for the voiceless.

If you have time to do research, are good at writing, have experience in community organizing, have experience with social media, interest in problem-solving, or have a background in law, then the Cincinnati NAACP Criminal Justice Committee could use your help and talents to make a difference in our communities.

Activities: Candidate Forum planning, GOTV neighborhood blitz, Protest, Podcast, Strategic Planning around issues, petition drives.

Benefits of Working with Us:

The benefits of joining the Criminal Justice Committee are having a positive impact in our communities by making changes in the law and using the power of our people to hold public officials accountable.

Joining this committee is an opportunity to have your ideas developed and put into action to help advance the lives of people of color.

The Challenges are real and it requires endurance and resilience to keep pushing forward to achieve real EQUALITY and JUSTICE in Cincinnati.

Impact Stories:

We created informative videos that have been distributed all throughout Ohio to help raise awareness of legislation introduced in the Ohio General Assembly, that would be detrimental to the community. These videos and online petitions have assisted in educating, engaging and mobilizing the community. Legislation such as HB 99 – arming teachers in our schools without gun training, like that received by peace officers. Also, HB 294 the Voter suppression bill which has been stalled for many months.

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