Economic Development Committee

Committee Chair

Jesse Jenkins

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“We seek you for the change. We will not waste time, for time is money and cannot be regained. Our role is to drive, build, create and sustain economic success while identifying economic opportunities for today and tomorrow.”

Economic Development Committee Charter

The goal of the Economic Development Committee is to assess, explore and determine the economic needs of the Black community and the factors that impact growth, wealth, and access to capital for economic development and sustainability for today and tomorrow. We implement local efforts to expand economic empowerment among Blacks and other communities of color. We aim to inspire our members to advance, contribute and drive economic access, development, and prosperity within and out of the organization to become the change we seek and need for our people.

Working on the Economic Development Committee

We are working to initiate a black economic agenda to guide our advocacy efforts, deliver tangible outcomes for our regional African American community, and reduce disparities that exist in public sector agencies. To do that, we:

  • Leverage infrastructure and revitalization projects for Job creation and enterprise growth for African Americans.
  • Bridge the gap of access to capital for African American business owners.
  • Turn our dollars within the Black community for wealth, health, and economic creation in our communities, businesses, and families.

You can be part of this high-impact work! We are seeking innovative, capacity builders and economic thinkers across industries to better plan and demand economic change and equity in our community.

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