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Education Committee

Committee Chair

Jennifer Myree

To inquire about opportunities to join this committee, contact 513NAACPEducation@gmail.com

“Education must not simply teach work – it must teach Life.”
– W. E. B. Du Bois

Education Committee Charter

Our work champions improving positive school culture, high quality teaching for all students, stimulating school attendance and promoting parental involvement in education.We work to increase resource equity and targeting resources to the neediest students, enabling them to access a more challenging curriculum, ensuring that Black and other students of color are on the path to high school graduation, with college and/or career readiness for success after high school

Our committee seeks to eliminate discriminatory practices in public education, including investigating the public school system and keeping informed of school conditions to correct abuses where found.

We also focus on improving opportunities for teacher development within our school communities and promoting the integration of multicultural and multilingual curriculum into public schools.  In addition to teacher certification, we monitor the effects of standardized and high stakes testing practices and study local educational conditions and materials that might be racially derogatory, affecting minority groups.

Meetings: Meet on the second Thursday of the month via Zoom.

Estimated Time Commitment: Varies

Who We’re Looking For: Education Advocates; Parents, Business Partners, and Educators, who want to Change the Trajectory for black children attending schools in the Cincinnati region.

Activities: Advocate and remedy families experiencing discrimination in schools, collaborate with schools and districts to remedy educational complaints, equity in education training/workshop, and volunteer in schools 

Benefits of Working with Us: You can improve the educational conditions and outcomes for children and families in your community.

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