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Housing Committee

Committee Chair

Cliff Fennell

“Housing is an issue of great inequity and opportunity to make an impact. In some cases, people just don’t know their options, and in other cases, options are actively withheld. We must stand in support of fair access to safe housing for all.”

To inquire about opportunities to join this committee, contact info@cincinnatinaacp.com

Housing Committee Charter

Housing is one of the areas where we see ongoing inequity, discrimination, restrictive practices, and the need for assistance within the community. Our committee takes it on.

In addition to actively receiving and seeking to address specific complaints of discrimination, we broadly advocate access to affordable housing and combat housing discrimination by fighting to eliminate restrictive housing practices in public and private housing and lending practices. We also study housing conditions in the local community, disseminating information and assistance which may eliminate discrimination in housing.

Working on the Housing Committee

Meetings: We meet for one hour on the second Tuesday of the month via zoom

Estimated Time Commitment: Approximately two hours per month

Who We’re Looking For: The committee is looking for people that care about housing and community development. Anyone that works with resources to support those with issues with finding adequate housing, those that are in real estate development, and anyone that just has a passion for housing would be a great fit.

Activities: The Housing Committee assists with community requests that are related to housing and plans events to educate the public on housing issues in the city both current and historical.

Benefits of Working with Us: Benefits include but are not limited to networking with others in their field, being able to support people that need housing assistance, and helping the greater community learn more about housing development.

Impact Stories:

Advocated for a local non-profit implementation of a community-driven economic development rubric!

Began planning for a housing conference to be held in 2022!

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