Labor & Industry Committee

Committee Chair

Dr. Kareem Moncree-Moffett

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Labor & Industry Committee Charter

The Committee on Labor and Industry works to eliminate discriminatory employment practices in industry and government, wage differentials based on race, unequal opportunities for training, promotion and unfair dismissals. We encourage greater participation in the trade union movement and work to end discriminatory practices in labor unions. And we secure the enactment of state and federal fair employment practices legislation; and we work for improved opportunities in vocational and apprenticeship training.

Working on the Labor & Industry Committee

Who We’re Looking For: We’re looking for committee members who can make connections, communicate clearly and easily, and uncover opportunities for employers and candidates, and advocate for fairness and equality in employment practices.

Activities: The Labor & Industry Committee facilitates employment opportunities through connections with various local businesses, distributes job notices via email, and organizes events to help resolve adverse employment situations.

Benefits of Working with Us: When you join the Legal Redress & Public Safety Committee, you have the opportunity to help advance policy changes and advocate for community safety measures.

Impact Story:

We partnered with the Census to ensure representation during the Mayor’s Job Fair.

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