The Lack of Control over Gun Control

In the past few months, there has been a lot of conversation about guns in the Ohio legislature. With none of it being productive for the reduction of gun violence; eliminating school shootings; mass public shootings utilizing assault weapons; or addressing urban crime which is currently being notoriously spotlighted as an issue plaguing our cities.

Prior to April of this year (2021), Ohio law provided what is popularly known as the “Castle Doctrine,” which entails that a homeowner has the right to defend their “castle,” in other words their home and yard (property), with force up to a deadly degree. However; with the enactment of OH Senate Bill (SB)175, Ohio became a “Stand your Ground State,” enabling the right of a person to act in self-defense against anyone who unlawfully enters the residence, or the vehicle of another person, or poses a threat of bodily harm, eliminating their “duty to retreat,” as long as an individual is in a place where they lawfully have a right to be… they may legally “kill at will.”

Ohio has long permitted “Open carrying,” meaning that you do not need a gun license to possess a firearm, as long as it is kept in clear sight. Also, you must meet the age requirement and must not have compromised your legal rights to possess a firearm (which would then be considered possession of a weapon under disability). Notwithstanding, lawful carry of a concealed weapon necessitated completion of eight hours of training and submission of an application to the sheriff of the residing county, who conducted a background check on the individual applicant and issued a license to entitle the right to do so.

But now comes the passage of OH Senate Bill (SB)215, the latest of the gun legislation to be encroached upon us, as a collective of perhaps unsuspecting Ohioans. The bill makes concealed carry licenses optional—thereby removing the background checks and training requirements for individuals 21 and over whom merely chose to inconspicuously carry a firearm.

Particularly disturbing among them all, OH House Bill (HB)99, which was passed in November of this past year, and has currently made its way to the Senate, specifically reduces the hours that Ohio teachers and school personnel need to be trained to permit them to legally carry guns in schools. Meaning that guns may be possessed by people who have not been properly trained, AND effectively, no one even has to rightfully know that the guns are actually there.

As Ohioans, are we allowing ourselves, and especially our children, to be set up for imminent harm? Surely we realize that all of this policy surrounding gun permissions is certainly not incidental and will not be absent of consequences for our community. With the local legacy newspaper notably for the Cincinnati area unapologetically wrapping up recently with what they touted to be its Special report on “The increase in homicides in Cincinnati” which included a story entitled “Kids who Kill;” and another with the headline, “Our kids are the scariest criminals”; I believe that we must all educate ourselves and remain diligent as a perfect storm seems to be brewing.
Gun safety and gun control is something that we must lift our collective voices and demand. Otherwise, our idleness could become a compromise of our mutual safety. So, let us be watchful and diligent, Family, friends, and supporters. Our insistence to “Kill the Bill” vs. “kill at will,” must be resolute.

>>>So here’s what we can do to have our interests made perfectly clear:

Contact Ohio Governor Mike Dewine and compel him to VETO Senate Bill 215

Governor Mike Dewine’s Telephone Number is (614)644-4357|Email:

Talking Points:

  • >>>This Bill makes it easier for ANYONE to own guns without certification or proven training. At a time when gun violence is seemingly at an all-time high, amid instances of school and other mass shootings, the last thing that we need is more guns on the streets with less education, training, and vehicles to foster accountability.
  • >>>The bill irresponsibly places law enforcement officers in danger as well, by removing the requirements for citizens to inform officers that they have a gun.
  • >>>Guns are already heavily flooding our neighborhoods, we demand more accountability NOT less regarding where the weapons are coming from and where they ultimately end up.

>>Demand a stand against NRA & special interests, Ohio Lives are at stake!!<<<

Contact President Joe Mallory; or
Communications, Press & Publicity
Committee Chair Susan Johnson
Telephone: (513)281-1900; or via
Email at

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