Political Action & Voter Empowerment Committee

Committee Chair

David Whitehead

To inquire about opportunities to join this committee, call the office at 513-281-1900.

“We all should strive to live our lives with PURPOSE because the dash between the day you were born and the day you die should be filled with meaningful purpose.”

We seek to increase voter registration and participation. We engage primarily in training, education, and advocacy at the local level to advance the mission of the organization. We work to empower voters to fuel the fight and build power for communities of color.

We advocate for the enactment of legislation to improve the administration of justice and secure equal enforcement of the law. We are nonpartisan and do not endorse candidates for public office.

Accountability in Policing

Download the Cincinnati NAACP Political Action Committee’s Accountability in Policing booklet

Ohio Prosecutors Term Limits Petition

Working on the Political Action & Voter Empowerment Committee

Meetings: We meet once a month on the second Wednesday from 6 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. via Zoom

Estimated Time Commitment: Active members may be involved in any particular issues at least once a week.  Moderate activity once bi-weekly. Occasional Activity 3 to 6 times out of the year.

Who We’re Looking For: We are looking for people who want to combat racism and injustice. We need people who are committed and will be relentless in achieving Equality and Justice. We want people who are not afraid to be a voice for the voiceless.

If you have time to do research, are good at writing, have experience in community organizing, have experience with social media, interest in problem-solving, or have a background in law, then the Cincinnati NAACP Criminal Justice and Political Action & Voter Empowerment Committee could use your help and talents to make a difference in our communities.

Activities: Candidate Forum planning, GOTV neighborhood blitz, Protest, Podcast, Strategic Planning around issues, petition drives.

Benefits of Working with Us:

Joining the Political Action & Voter Empowerment Committee is enriching if you enjoy educating people on the benefits of voting and keeping our communities aware and engaged in matters that affect them.

Information is POWER and when we know better we do better and we live BETTER.  This is the type of work that builds toward an honorable legacy of fighting for our civil rights and against systemic racism and injustice.

Impact Story:

We seamlessly transitioned from in-person events to virtual forums during the global Coronavirus pandemic, keeping voters engaged and informed. One Judge praised our forums for probing the judicial candidates and ended a long-delayed effort of conducting an analysis of other methods to increase diversity in the Jury Pool.


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