The art of staging or acting plays.


  1. The performance must be a minimum of three (3) minutes and maximum of five (5) minutes. (Contestants not adhering to the minimum and maximum time requirements are subject to point deduction and/or disqualification.)
  2. All material must be from a published play. Students should not perform poems, sermons, standup routines, or excerpts from movies.
  3. The selection must be of literate quality.
  4. The material must be memorized.
  5. Costumes, makeup, and small/minimal props are optional, but not required.
  6. Puppetry, oratory, and forensic pieces may not be used.
  7. Monologues from Musical Theatre is permitted, however accompanying songs may not be used as part of the piece.

Contestants will be judged by the following criteria:

  • Projection (10)
  • Structure (10pts): Does the performance have transitions/beats and a clear beginning, middle, climax, and end?
  • Memorization (10)
  • Movement (10): Is the blocking clear and does the actor commit to and follow through with his/her movements and gestures?
  • Emotional Connection and Honesty (10): Are you really “selling” that you are becoming this character or are you simply “play-acting”?
  • Imagination and Creativity (15): Are you bringing something different to the piece or are you just reciting lines?
  • Stage Presence (10)
  • Character Work (10)
  • Specificity of Acting Choices (10): Clear pursuit of Actions/Objectives
  • Creation of the Space (5)